ICYMI – Week of January 4, 2016

In case you missed it, I wrote a (hopefully helpful) article about yoga and stress for OxygenMag. It’s no secret that a sweaty Vinyasa or a chill Hatha class can help you feel more calm and centered. But, in the event that you simply don’t have time to get to a class (or maybe you don’t feel like looking at other peoples’ feet – I’ve been there), you can work through these poses in 10-15 minutes from home and maybe feel a little better. Enjoy!

5 Yoga Poses That Can Reduce Stress

oxygen yoga2
Credit: OxygenMagazine.com

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I’m Going on an Adventure!

In less than 24 hours I’ll be crossing a river (by train) and trekking through a (concrete) jungle in order to reach my destination and playground for the following three days:

Yoga Journal LIVE!

I’m legit, y’all.

The authority on all things yoga is taking over the New York Hilton with a three-day conference and I GET TO GO!

I’m excited, but also mildly concerned. To date, the most yoga I’ve done in one day is 90 minutes. I can expect no less than 6 hours of yoga per day this Fri-Sun. I will either be loosey-goosey/blissed out, or my body will be screaming “What have you done to me?!”

Either way, I’m in. It’s an adventure and an opportunity to really focus on my personal practice. And all of my classes sound so fun and amazing. They cover everything from inversions to backbends to self-myofascial release and asana detox. And my last class on Sunday is called “Bob Marley Flow,” which sounds like pretty much the perfect way to wrap up a weekend.

I’ll be tweeting, instgraming and blogging for YogaJournal.com between sessions, so stay tuned to see how I’m holding up.

Namaste 🙂

Spring Awakening

Awaken, my friends!

There are signs of spring in New York! The sidewalk snow banks are steadily melting into dirty street slushies. The fragrant piles of frozen garbage are thawing. And crabby, pale New Yorkers from all five boroughs are clawing their way out of their stale apartments and bracing themselves against the sun.

Remember the sun?

I admit that I am guilty of this particular brand of hibernation. And now that I work from home, it’s a bit more extreme. Yes, the total number of times I’ve changed into “real” pants over the last three months may be less than 10 (though I still argue, to my husband’s chagrin, that Rite-Aid jeggings are indeed pants), but I promise you that I have not been inactive.

I’ve actually been quite a busy little wordsmith. Some of what I’ve been working on is of the contest/submission variety and, as a deeply superstitious person, I’ll need to keep those details under wraps. But, I hope you’ll check out:

Also, you should know that I recently purchased this book and have become obsessed with all things KonMari:


Expect a detailed, spring cleaning-themed post soon (whether you like it or not).

So far I’ve only KonMari’d all my clothes. Here’s a little before and after action.

photo 1photo 2

I feel approximately 100 lbs lighter.

More soon, friends!