What’s your “yes” to “no” ratio?

When it comes to invites, I think I’m maybe around 60/40. I really like saying “yes.” I’ve had fun at parties when I didn’t have particularly high expectations, and it all started with a “yeah, ok, why not.” And, I always want to be the friend who’s up for hanging out, who you can text “want to grab a drink after work?” during lunch and know that there’s a pretty good chance (I guess 60% in my case?) that they’ll say yes.

I guess that other 40 is a bit of a mixed bag. When I’ve already got actual plans, or when I’ve already told myself I’m absolutely GOING to do something NO MATTER WHAT like hit the gym or finally clean out my office or spend at least 4 hours writing and editing. That’s discipline, right? And then, if I’m being honest, there’s another less noble percentage of the 40% that’s just me be lazy or anti-social or not particularly interested in the invitation.

In any case, here are 3 recent invites to which I RSVP’d “yes” with no hesitation:

Yes #1: Flavor Tripping

Have you heard of this? There’s this berry called “miracle fruit” (A.K.A. Sideroxylon dulcificum) that, when consumed, makes everything sour, tangy or bitter taste sweet. Flavor tripping parties were a big thing about 5 years ago, but apparently there’s been a resurgence.

You can actually buy the extract online now, so, for my friend’s birthday, she invited me and the hubby over “to trip.” It’s funny, the extract is totally legal and easily accessible, but we got all silly and giggly, like we’d stolen the peach schnapps from one of our parents liquor cabinet and were taking shots in the basement.

One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small...
One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small…

I read some stuff about how it makes one thing taste like something else. Like brussel sprouts taste like donuts. But, that wasn’t my experience. It was more like everything was coated in sugar. So, a lemon wedge tasted like a lemon drop candy. Salt and vinegar potato chips were like salf, vinegar and sugar potato chips. It was fun. How could it not be? Everything tasted like candy!


Yes #2: CoolNY Dance Dance Festival

My friend Sam came up with this one. Below is a paraphrased version of our email conversation about it.

Sam: Do you want to go see this? I’ll call and find out how early we should get there.

Me: Ok, cool.

Sam: Ok. I called. It’s free and she told me there shouldn’t be any problem getting a seat…so, this could just be a bunch of hippies rolling around in jello.

Me: I like jello.

There wasn’t any jello. There was some rolling around – hey, it was a festival of modern dance by young choreographers. There’s going to be some rolling around. But, I love dance and am willing to humor some experimental stuff that’s not quite ready for prime time if it means I might get a glimpse of something brilliant. And, there was some brilliance.

The piece by Billy Bell’s Lunge Dance Company literally had me on the edge of my seat. I can’t wait to see more from this company.

Yes#3: Superbowl XVIVXII Party

(I didn’t feel like looking it up, so I made up that Roman numeral, btw.)

I have an open invitation to attend all the football viewing sessions my husband has with his friends during the season…but, honestly, football is usually one of those 40% deals. I guess the super bowl is different and I would be un-American or something if I stayed home and ate a bowl of cereal while watching Downton Abbey. So, I grabbed a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc (super bowl beverage, right?) and met up with the super fans. I didn’t really have a great view of the TV, except for during the half time show when I elbowed my way through for Beyonce (I’ll explain my love for Beyonce in another post). The rest of the time I spent chatting with friends and petting this cat.


What, that’s not what you’re supposed to do at a super bowl party?

Question: Do you have a good “yes” story?