A practical gift guide for everyone who likes the same stuff as me

This morning I was looking at my new lavender plant from Whole Foods and thinking about how happy it makes me and how I wish everyone I like could have their own lavender plant. Do you have those things in your apartment or house that just, for whatever reason, fill you with joy? They fluctuate depending on the mood or what day it is, but I decided to showcase a few of them in a consumer magazine-style (half-assed, spur-of-the-moment) gift guide for everyone who likes the same stuff as me.

My lavender plant from Whole Foods ($?)

photo 3 (3)

AKA the inspiration for this gift guide. I think it was around $15? Not totally sure on that as I bought it with my hubby after a couple drinks at the roof-top bar. (Yes, there’s a bar in our grocery store!) It was a tipsy, impulse purchase, but it smells lovely and should last a long time as long as I water it appropriately.

The Skimm Email Newsletter (Free!)

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I wish I could say I read the Times every day, cover to cover, without fail… I CAN say that I’ve read every “The Skimm” newsletter I’ve ever received! (I subscribed last Thursday.) This newsletter skims the news and presents the biggest headlines in an easy-to-read, sometimes humorous daily email. Recommend it to a friend today and feel smart.

Soap ($.49 – $5)

photo 4 (3)

I guess I’m a crazy soap-hoarder, as I’ve accumulated this much soap in the last 3-4 weeks. Is it weird that I get REALLY excited when it’s time to crack open a new bar of soap? To be fair, CVS was having a sale on Yardley’s, and I had a coupon. And 30% of this was also part of the drunk Whole Foods incident.

Words Into Type (used for $15)

photo 2 (7)

This book is usually priced between $40 and $50, but I found it on ebay for $15. First published in 1948, it’s a popular reference guide for writers and editors that definitely serves a practical purpose. But, honestly, I just really like having it on my desk. Writing can be a tough, slow-moving and lonely endeavor. It’s nice to have such a no-nonsense tool at my fingertips. Maybe this is the way Captain America feels about his shield? Or Thor about his hammer thingy?

Question: What’s in your gift guide for everyone who likes the same stuff as you?