All is well.

I feel the need to say that since it’s been something like 6 weeks since my last blog post. I won’t offer up too many excuses…But remember that scene in “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure” where he was driving down a dark highway and the road signs started getting increasingly more complicated and squiggly?

Squiggly roads ahead.
Squiggly roads ahead.

I guess I’ve been in touch with my inner Pee Wee (??) and have had to pay more attention to the road ahead (life metaphor, ICYMI), making it harder to post as often as I like.

More Pee Wee. This scene haunted me as a child.
More Pee Wee. This scene haunted me as a child.

But, I’m here now! So, some general housekeeping…

It is safe to say that I will NOT reach the writing goal I set for myself a while back. Draft 1 of manuscript 2 is definitely not happening by May 1st. Partially due to Pee Wee-inspired roadways, but also because I’m actually working on another project that I’m really excited about. It was an idea I had kicking around my brain for a long time. I tried to back-burner it and be all “wait your turn, damnit!” But, it wouldn’t listen. So, I’m embracing change and trying to be flexible with myself. New multi-project, timeline-specific goal forthcoming.

I think it’s OK to have two different writing projects going at the same time, right? J.D. Salinger served in WWII and allegedly had the first six chapters of Catcher in the Rye on his person on D-Day. There’s a photo of him during the war, literally in the trenches, squatting at a little table and working on his manuscript. (Watch that documentary if you want to see it.) If he can find time to write The Great American Novel in between storming the beaches of Normandy and surviving battle, I think I can probably handle two different word documents competing for my time.

Ok, that’s it for now. There’s more to tell…but not yet.

Question: What’s your philosophy on creative projects? Focus on one at a time? Or are you of the lots-of-spinning-plates persuasion?

7 thoughts on “All is well.

  1. I’m actually struggling with the same idea. I’ve got two big writing projects for the summer so I’ve decided to spend weekdays on one and weekends on another. I’ll let you know how it goes!

    1. Maybe I should have more of a scheduled approach. Right now I’m just focusing on the one I’m more excited about at the moment, but that puts more distance between me and the other project.

      1. Yeah, I guess that’s the danger. The one I’m working on the weekdays is definitely the project I’m more excited about than the one I’m tackling on weekends. I’ll let you know how the compartmentalization works out!

  2. You have just described my life. And you are hilarious. Following you now. And if you have Twitter I’d like to Follow there as well. 🙂

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