How to Eat a Levain Cookie

Maybe you’re the recipient of a cookie delivery. Or you’ve stumbled across the Levain storefront on NYC’s Upper West Side. Maybe this particular six ounce cookie is on your bucket list. Whatever your reason, eating a Levain cookie is an amazing experience. But, it’s not one that should be taken lightly. If you don’t take the time to prepare, you may not enjoy this culinary adventure to its fullest potential. You may not even finish.

Newman O included for scale.
Newman O included for scale.

How to Eat a Levain Cookie

  • Dress appropriately. What you’re wearing matters. A roomy shirt and elastic waist band pants are always a good idea. You may even want to take the time to lay out your clothes the night before cookie day.
  • Find a cookie buddy. Some people prefer to eat cookies alone, but you may find you have a better experience with an eating partner. Remember – this is a Levain cookie, not some soggy oreo or tollhouse diddy. This is 6 ounces of buttery goodness. The experience is often better if there’s another person present who is also rolling their eyes and mumbling “oh meh gaw…” as crumbs fall out of their mouth onto their shirt. This will also ensure you have someone to reminisce with once you’ve finished your cookie (e.g. “oh meh gaw…that cookie was so good.”)
  • Give yourself time. I recommend at least an hour so that you can maintain a steady pace and incorporate an appropriate amount of breaks. Eating too fast in the beginning could result in cookie burnout.
  • Stay hydrated. Water works, but milk is better.
  • Focus. A common rookie mistake is to attempt to eat a Levain cookie while performing other task like answering emails or engaging in a conversation with another person. Know that the cookie will take over all of your body’s involuntary functions. It’s best to simply focus on the cookie. The emails and conversations will still be there once you’ve finished.
  • Recovery. Some cookie finishers may choose not to eat for the next 24 hours. Some slowly ease their way back in with liquids and clear soups. Listen to your body. A Levain cookie contains enough calories to sustain a full grown human for at least 48 hours after consumption, so you’re safe either way.

By following these simply guidelines, anyone can eat – and finish! – a legendary Levain cookie.

Question: Have you ever finished a Levain cookie? What advice do you have for beginners?

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