Out for a run

Man, what a week.

Between Facebook, Twitter, broadcast TV, print journalism, radio, the blogosphere…I think everything that needs be said (as well as some B.S. that didn’t) has been said.

I’m planning on lacing up my running shoes in about an hour to go for a run. Sunset will be a little over an hour away, so the park will have that quiet, orangey glow. As I make my way around the park’s inner loop, I’m sure I’ll think about the things I’ve seen and heard this week. I’ll also think about work and writing. I usually start with all the problems and usually end up with one or two potential solutions or new ideas.

sunrise in park

I’ll think of the things over the last couple weeks that have made me angry, frustrated or sad. I’ll start off clenching my jaw and pounding the pavement, but by the time I get to one of the dirt pathways with a view of the great lawn or the lake, I’ll loosen up and feel grateful that I have the physical ability and the luxury of time to spend an hour outside sweating out the week’s toxins and taking in the sights, sounds and smells of an emerging spring.

On my way home I’ll walk the last block or two to catch my breath and allow my muscles to cool down. I’ll open my apartment door, feel the rush of interior warmth hit my flushed face, and plop down on the living room floor to lazily stretch my legs while sipping seltzer and watching whatever basketball game my husband has playing in the background while he catches up on paperwork from the couch.

I hope you, friends and readers, can find comfort, therapy, inspiration and peace in something.

I’m lucky to be able to go for a run.

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