Nice Little Weekend

I’ve been at my computer for about 7 hrs. which, on one hand, is AWESOME. I got some serious editing/correspondencey stuff DONE. On the other hand, I have a slight case of melty brain and don’t promise much along the lines of thematic content or continuity for this post. How about a few random things from this weekend? I have pictures! Who likes pictures?!


Let’s GO NETS!

B-ball is almost over, but I managed to check out a Nets game during their inaugural season at Barclay’s Stadium which is only a hop, skip and a bus ride from my apartment.

Despite the ugly external rusted metal treatment, the interior of the stadium is gorgeous and they have fantastic food options that are superior in quality to your standard ball park offerings.

And, as a marketer, I have to say the Nets rebranding is pretty incredible. Everything from their b/w color palette, to the dancers’ costumes to the opening video sequence feels fun, a little edgy, a little cinematic. Like, “What are you looking at?! Oh, you’re just admiring our sleek, new digs? Ok, that’s cool.”


Fire escape gardening!

Living in a urban jungle has you appreciating whatever small bit of outdoors you can get your paws on. Every year my husband plants a little container garden on our 2nd story fire escape.

Oh, hi there.

It’s nice to look outside and see some green, and we harvest, like, 7 cherry tomatoes and a handful of rosemary. This week he bought some tulips, hyacinth, dill and cilantro. Next week is all about tomatoes and peppers.



This, perhaps, is the reason for my little second wind, here. And all the exclamation points!. Look at the little treat my hubby brought me. He knows when I need a little caffeine/sugar boost. And I give the authentic presentation a “10.”

Next up: MAD MEN!

mad men

Dang, they made us all wait a while. It’s been a long 10 months with no Don Draper. Very excited for this season’s premiere. How’s Peggy doing at her new gig? Is Don behaving himself? We’ll soon find out.

Question: Do you have a garden?

3 thoughts on “Nice Little Weekend

  1. So, as you know, I have no backyard or fire escape. But I’m not letting that stop me! I’m planting all sorts of stuff and putting in in my windowsill. The tomato seeds have sprouted a couple of inches (maybe 4?) and the lettuce is starting to show itself. Then there’s last years rosemary, thyme, and oregano. I’m even considering doing a worm composting bin… but I can see how that could go badly. Like really badly. The more I type, the more I’m starting to think that’s really not a good idea with a curious cat and two even more curious toddlers. But, yay for planting where you can!

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