Spring Cleaning

Lately, there’s been quite a bit of this in my life:


That’s kale foam in case you couldn’t tell.

I’m on day 7 of Kris Carr’s “Adventure Cleanse,” which is essentially a 21-day detox of all animal products (meat, fish, dairy, eggs, etc), gluten, sugar, caffeine and alcohol. The goal is to up your intake of plants and alkaline foods in general. She also emphasizes non diet-related things like dry brushing, meditation, neti-potting, enemas (eek!) exercise… I have to be honest – if I did everything Kris Carr recommends, I wouldn’t have much time for anything else.

This is about the 4th (I think) time I’ve done the cleanse and I’ve kind of adopted a cherry picker attitude toward the whole thing. For example, I never did the enema thing. I’m sure there’s value in it, and maybe one day I’ll get over the whole hose up your butt thing, but I find that the neti pot takes enough prep and already adds 5 more minutes to my morning routine. And that’s just nose irrigation.

Also, there’s coffee. I adore it. It’s a huge part of my life, for better or for worse. I gave it up the first time I did the cleanse and had a minor emotional meltdown during the first week. I am just a better person if I can drink at least one cup per day. So, that’s what I do. I allow myself one cup and switch to herbal tea.

Meditation – I can never seem to fit this in, so I rationalize by counting exercise (which I do regularly) as a form of active meditation. Sleep, dry brushing, juicing, diet , no booze – these are all coming pretty naturally to me this time around.

Am I glowing with mental clarity and enthusiasm for life? Hmm, not sure.  I guess if I’m not sure, then the answer is probably “no.” But this does feel like a bit of a “reset” button. I’m paying more attention to what I put in and on my body, which is good. And I am sleeping like a freakin rock. For months I’ve been grinding my teeth at night and waking up 3-4 hour after falling asleep. This week has been totally different. I’d forgotten how amazing interrupted sleep is.

Other things (besides my nose) I’ve been cleaning…

I do almost all of my writing and editing in my home office. A few months ago my husband helped me rearranged the computer so it faced the window and I couldn’t believe how much more better the space felt – how much better I felt in it. My productivity went way up. Mostly because I could spend hours in the office and not really notice or mind. After that I was itching to make more improvements. Despite the new arrangement, the office had become a bit of a dumping ground.

See general dusty clutter. And, yes, those are two stools from an old kitchen table holding my printer and books.


My husband’s turntables and records with crap piled on them and a K-Mart quality book shelf I bought for my first apartment that’s two shallow to really hold anything effectively.


I took a weekend to clear out everything that we didn’t need. Got rid of that old bookshelf and rearranged the stuff we still wanted. Swept and dusted EVERYTHING. Went to TJMaxx (hey, it’s a step up from K-Mart) and found a new side table and lamp.

The new space:


Your breathing just got easier, right? New side table is way more functional than those two wobbly stools.


Repurposed shelf space.


Space for a scented candle and my new sparkly lamp.


And affordable wall art from redbubble.com. Frame from Amazon.


Now, this “cleanse” is having a noticeable effect. I really want to be in my office and working now that it’s been through a crumpled paper/dust/bad furniture detox.  It feels like a healthy, nurturing space.

Question: do you believe in cleanses?

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