This is not a food blog

Open wide.
Open wide.

If you were still unsure after reading the title, the above picture should convince you.

The best camera I own is the one on my phone (ok, that’s a lie, but the other one has a cord that I can’t find and I think the batteries are dead. And there are a bunch of vacation pics that are just sitting on it unframed, and it makes me feel guilty, so…)

I’m also not privy to the magic food blogger tricks that make a bowl of oatmeal look majestic.

But, what you have here is an example of resolution keeping, dear reader. I half-heartedly said I’d make more homemade soups and freeze them, and I am half-heartedly delivering on that promise. This is red lentil coconut milk soup, recipe courtesy of cool girl Kris Carr. It looks like barf and smells like B.O. (damn you, cumin) but I assure you it is delicious. I didn’t make extra to freeze, but I did get a few meals out of this batch. YAY!

Secondary example of resolution keeping:

Let's go to the movies!
Let’s go to the movies!

I am a card carrying member of Brooklyn Academy of Music’s (BAM) Cinema club. BAM is a fantastic Brooklyn institution that stages all sorts of performances, but they also have a small movie theater. They show a mix of mainstream and indie films, but the audience tends to be a bit more quiet and reserved.  (I recently saw a movie with a friend in Times Square and nearly went all old-lady-crazy shushing talkers and texters. If you are going to pay nearly $15 to see a movie, WHY would you talk through the whole thing? And if you’re looking at your phone, then you’re not looking at the movie screen that you just paid nearly $15 to look at.  And, and…get off my lawn!)

For a $70 annual donation, you get $5 off all movie tickets for yourself, plus a couple of passes for reduced tickets for your friends. It’s a good deal if you plan to go to one movie per month, and that is my plan.

I’ve actually already gotten a bit of a head start and watched two current movies, both of which are award nominees and winners. Here are my unsolicited, 2 month late mini-reviews.

Les Miserables

I guess this was good…ish. In high school I was in show choir and was a huge fan of musical theater. But, Miss Saigon was my big obsession. There was the Les Mis camp, but I never really joined it. I couldn’t get enough of the tragic love story of Chris and Kim and wore out the track on “I Still Believe.” I feel like if my obsession had been with Les Mis, then some of it would have carried over and I would have been way more into this movie. That being said, there were some good performances that you’ve already heard about.

And then there was Russel Crowe. His set jaw is saying “I’m a hard ass cop,” but his eyes are all “Crap, this is a lot of singing.”

"This might have been a mistake..."
“This might have been a mistake…”


If I’m being honest… I could barely stay awake. I admit I’m not a history buff. But Steven Speilberg has EVERY resource at his fingertips. I know there’s only so much creative license when it comes to a historical piece, but COME ON. Why didn’t this movie break new ground and blow all other historical films out of the water? And the fact that Sally Field has been nominated for her performance makes me want to locate Academy headquarters and torch the joint. That was some bad, intro to theater level acting on her part. Mary Todd’s meltdowns had to be more interesting than that. Daniel Day Lewis was the high point. He deserves all the praise. He’s basically a shapeshifter.

Question: Did you see Les Mis and manage to stay awake during Lincoln? What were your thoughts?

One thought on “This is not a food blog

  1. I did manage to stay awake through Lincoln. And I loved it! But you are right: Sally Field was horrible. And I guess for that reason alone it wasn’t the masterpiece I could’ve sworn it was when I first left the theater. Thanks for setting me straight.

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