Resolutions…eh, why the hell not

I guess there's something about drinking a few glasses of wine and donning a paper tiara that makes you want to take a good hard look at your life goals.
I guess there’s something about drinking a few glasses of wine and donning a paper tiara that makes you want to take a good hard look at your life goals.

In no particular order.

Make more soup. And freeze it for future dinners. Slightly random, I know. But, whenever I make homemade soup I’m always like “Damn, this soup is SO GOOD. Everyone should eat this soup!” I make good soup, but only like once every three months.  Why don’t I do this more? And if I freeze it I’ll have pre-made but still healthy dinners.

– Take my YA book to the next step. So, this is actually the big one. I think the thing with the soup was kind of a warm up resolution, if I’m being honest. I started my book in 2010, have shown it to a handful of thoughtful friends and colleagues and done a bunch of revisions. I have a solid draft now, and it’s time to get more serious about getting an agent.

– Those important but pain-in-the-butt tasks that everyone has to do… Just do them, already. Stuff like scheduling an annual physical that includes a cholesterol test. Getting a real retirement plan. Researching renter’s insurance…oops, sorry, I just nodded off. I hate these kinds of tasks and will put them off forever unless there’s some kind of deadline. This year, I swear, I’m just going to DO them.

Green juicing. I have a juicer and really, really enjoy starting the day with a glass of cucumber, kale, apple, ginger, lemon juice. I always feel so healthy and virtuous. But, lately my juicer’s been gathering dust on my counter. The fact is that this daily ritual takes some planning (grocery shopping) and time management (waking up 10 minutes earlier), but it’s worth it.

See more movies. Both in the theater and at home. I think I have had the same two Netflix DVDs sitting on my coffee table since 2009. Instead of watching filler TV (reruns I’ve seen 900 times or other shows I would never admit to voluntarily consuming), why don’t I load up my queue with great films I’ve been meaning to watch? And make sure to return the DVDs after I’ve watched them? I don’t even need to find a stamp to return them! Or an envelope! Also, I really do the love the big screen experience and need to see more new releases in theaters. Even if I go by myself, which I’ve only done once but felt incredibly sophisticated and grown-up doing.

Theater and art, too. I touched upon this in my last post. There is so much free or cheap art available in NYC. Takeaway: Make time for art.

Pay better attention when being introduced to new people. Unless you have an incredibly unusual name, I will likely meet you ten times before I really learn it. That’s pretty awful and makes me look like a flaky jerk. I don’t want to look like a flaky jerk. I recently realized during a recent round of introductions that I was zoning out when I should have been listening. How can I even begin to employ one of those name remembering tricks (e.g. repeating a name a bunch of times or relating it to a physical characteristic) if I am not even listening?!

– Listen to the message, not necessarily the messenger. Someone famous said this recently. Or it was in an article I read, or someone posted it on facebook. The point is, it’s not my pearl of wisdom, so I’m not taking credit for it. But, I think it’s smart. I know that sometimes (in work and in my personal life) I stop listening to the message if I already have preconceived notions about the messenger. Or, I take something way too seriously if it’s coming from someone I respect or admire. Obviously the source is important, but I want to do a better job of evaluating ideas, thoughts, feedback based on the idea and not just who it’s coming from.

That last one got ya thinking, right? (Glad I didn’t end with the soup.)

Question: Got any resolutions you’d care to share?

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