Cool Girls: Kris Carr

“Cool” is an adjective that I’m venturing to guess will never completely go out of fashion. Unlike it’s trendier cousins that can no only be used ironically (“groovy,” “rad,” “far out,” “tubular” – though I don’t know if any really person outside of bad eighties movies ever said “tubular”…) “cool” manages to stay pretty relevant.

No matter where you are in time or space, if your friend turns to you and says “She is a really cool girl,” you’ll get it. She’s one of those people that you have to stare at a little when she’s in the room. That’s because she’s confident, got good energy and brings something genuine with her. Everyone wants to be her friend, but they’re also a bit intimidated by her…because she’s so COOL! But, (because she’s so cool) she makes everyone feel welcomed and valuable, recognizing that they offer something genuine, too.

(Now, if you’re friend says “Oh, yeah. She’s a cool girl” with big fat air quotes and rolls her eyes a bit, you know this is something else. Those kinds of “cool” girls are a different breed. They also have lots of people who want to be their friend, but their method is the opposite. They rely on the lure of exclusivity.)

But, I’m focused on the former – the authentic Cool Girl.

And today’s Cool Girl is Kris Carr.

Kris Carr
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You want to be her friend, right?

I first learned about Ms. Carr a few years ago when I stumbled upon her documentary “Crazy Sexy Cancer.” Kris was diagnosed with a rare and incurable cancer at the age of 31 and decided to create a documentary about her experience. Such a serious topic has the potential to be a major downer, but I assure you that this film is uplifting and inspiring. And not in the “man, I am so glad that’s not me” type of way.

Kris takes charge. She finds the right doctor after firing a few of the wrong ones and then begins educating herself on nutrition and wellness, eventually adopting holistic approach to managing her illness and a plant-based vegan diet. But not without some major bumps along the way. Changing one’s lifestyle isn’t easy – at one point during an experimental 30-day juice fast, Kris speaks to the camera Real World confessional style, admitting that she wants “to do bad things with bad people.” Another time she breaks down in front of her camera man and cries over a muffin. (A muffin is exactly the type of thing I find myself crying over when feeling tired, hungry and emotionally drained.)

Netflix it. And then check out her empire. Yes, Kris has made a whole wellness career for herself – books, cookbooks, speaking engagements, an online community.The common thread running through everything she does is an expressed desire to empower people to live their fullest and healthiest lives.

And, remember, this all started with an incurable cancer diagnosis.

Question: Who do you think is a Cool Girl?

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